Guys@Bern: About Traits Was: Morph cleaning proposal

Stephane Ducasse ducasse at
Wed Feb 12 19:56:15 UTC 2003

> - Guys at Bern: What about the stability of the current traits 
> implementation?
> Do you expect too much changes?

What I suggest to you is to use the image nathanael provided. And tell 
us! Design
a small system and check because I can tell you that this is great (it 
is ;)) but
we need your and other point of view. I think that in two days you can 
access it.

If this is stable, it is now if hundred of squeakers play with it, we 
will find certainly
  some bugs.

Read what nathanael said on the web page. I think that traits are 
stable, but we cannot
save them (no file out support but one guy can define that in now time).

Currently we have problem to generate a cs because of the builder 

Our meta question right now is it worth for us to continue in Squeak?
We are currently identifying how to move further. We are not sure if we 
will stay within
Squeak or go to VW or GNU, we are making an evaluation of what we need 
for the future and
how each system offers us a solution. We are waiting to discuss with 
Andreas also to see
how we could push on the same direction.

Nathanael will make a list of stuff we hate in the current 
implementation: (from memory)
	- Squeak Scanner,
	- Squeak AST,			=> solution SmaCC
	- System Browser,		=> a ***new*** browser not a hack
	- classBuilder			=> look at the one of VW and replace this one (no 
	- we need also a changeCodeNotifier

Once this analysis done we will see. So if at that time the community
tell us yes we believe in traits then we will see.

So you know everything, this is my perspective on our current status but
we discussed last week about that and before moving further we want to 
the possibilities.


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