Thinking about redoing Morphic

Andrew Berg andrew_c_berg at
Wed Feb 12 23:52:44 UTC 2003

After the benefit of a night and a day of reflection, I have decided that 
personally, I don't really care too much how big and 'crufty' Morphic 
itself is, rather that I just want a set of components that will let me put 
UI onto my classes with the absolute amount of fuss.  eToys (as I 
understand it) is designed to allow me to maniuplate the UI elements in as 
direct a way as possible.  I want basically that same kind of control over 
my other classes.

I've spent a few minutes browsing the NakedObjects site (someone posted a 
link a few days ago) and for the kinds of work that I am interested in, I 
think that they are going approximately the right direction.  I think that 
there is a long ways more to go, though, in that some kinds of objects more 
naturally represent as graphical things or as a block of text than they do 
as a dialog box, but exactly how that should happen without having to write 
all the glue code for that I have not quite figured out yet.

It seems clear to me that any instance of a subclass of Collection should 
display as a list, that unary messages should display as buttons or menus, 
and that binary messages should show up as drag-n-drop targets, or perhaps 
in response to drag-n-drop events.  All of these are things that are 
probably pretty reasonable to do with existing Morphic subclasses.

andrew_c_berg at

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