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Craig Latta craig.latta at
Thu Feb 13 02:26:57 UTC 2003

Hi Brent--

> Care to upload any of those Christmas presents to the Swiki?

	Oh, goodness no. :) Well, not in their current state; they contain
music in rough mixes that only relatives could love. :)

	Luckily (hey, I love this segue), I'm most of the way through writing
that motorized-mixer driver I mentioned a while back (for the Motor Mix, As a side effect, Flow's
MIDIStreams work now (I currently plan to release Flow 2g on Friday, 7
March, see the Flow mailing list archives for details,

	Anyway, once I can mix without having to actually move 48 faders with
ten fingers (or one mouse!) in real time, my music will sound a lot
better. :)


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