Pink Plane vs Blue Plane

Tim Rowledge tim at
Thu Feb 13 02:14:12 UTC 2003

"Doug Clapp" <dclapp at> appears to have written:

>'s SO frustrating!
> If I Ruled The World, I'd say:
> Not a single new feature goes in until
> -- no known bugs remain and
Bugs? What bugs? :-)
> -- what's in there now is documented in the image, in the code, both with
> explanatory text and examples.
A very laudable aim that a lot of people would agree with. So let's see
some doc appearing instead of just more complaints! If you (not picking
on Doug, this is the second person indefinite 'you') don't know about
Morphic, doc part of the system you do know about. If you feel like you
don't know any part of the system that well, review somebody else pdoc
suggestions - after all it is supposed to _make_ you understand. Or even
point to places where you don't understand and  nominate it for docing.
Let's make the sources file so full of comments that we have to
worry about compressing it to fit on our disks!

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