Adding methods in the Debugger

Ned Konz ned at
Thu Feb 13 03:17:28 UTC 2003

On Wednesday 12 February 2003 06:52 pm, Andrew P. Black wrote:
> Afterwards, in discussing this experience with someone, I learned
> that the process could be made even better.  The trick is to
> enhance the debugger so that when a MNU occurs, it is possible to
> define the missing method right there, in the debugger, and resume.
>  I imagine that this makes the whole process smoother; after all,
> the debugger knows exactly what method needs to be defined, and can
> offer a hierarchy of possible classes where it could be located.
> My question is: has someone done this for Squeak?  For other
> Smalltalks?

Well, you can define a missing method in a separate browser and just 
resume in the Debugger. It's just that the Debugger doesn't have any 
way to do the editing on a missing method.

One strategy that might work is to have doesNotUnderstand: quickly 
write a method that just does a halt, and then call the new method.

This will land you in a Debugger where you can then edit the code and 

doesNotUnderstand: msg
	| src i |
	i _ 1.
	src _ String streamContents: [ :s |
		msg selector keywords do: [ :key |
			s nextPutAll: key.
			(key last = $:) ifTrue: [  s nextPutAll: ' arg'; nextPutAll: i 
asString; space ].
			i _ i + 1.
		s cr; tab.
		s nextPutAll: 'self halt'
	self class compile: src classified: 'not yet written'.
	^self perform: msg selector withArguments: msg arguments

Ned Konz

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