[ANN] Cassowary on SqueakMap

Joshua 'Schwa' Gargus schwa at cc.gatech.edu
Thu Feb 13 05:36:18 UTC 2003

Thanks for the help, Ned.

Cassowary is now on SqueakMap.  You won't actually be able to download
it for another 6 hours, because of the annoying way that my webspace
at school works (changes made only show up the next morning).

This is the same version that I sent out to the list quite some time
ago, now packaged in a SAR file.

I've noticed a weird perfomance glitch that I can't explain.  The
speed is acceptable when running the demos on a 400MHz Powerbook with
MacOS9, or on a 900MHz Athlon with Linux.  However, the performance is
choppy on a 2GHz P4 laptop running Windows (this machine is much
faster than the other two for all other Squeaking).  Doing a message
tally shows that most of the time is spent idle, so it doesn't seem to
be the constraint satisfaction process itself that is taking up the
time.  It may be a bug relating to display update, because when I turn
on the screen damage pref, it actually seems faster.  Can anyone
replicate this?


On Wed, Feb 12, 2003 at 09:09:08PM -0800, Ned Konz wrote:
> On Wednesday 12 February 2003 08:39 pm, Joshua 'Schwa' Gargus wrote:
> > I'm trying to build a Cassowary .sar file, so that I can (finally)
> > put it on SqueakMap.  The original .cs files in fine.  Most (all?)
> > of the .sar file seems to file in, but a syntax error window pops
> > up with the following contents:
> >
> > ('instance creation' new)
> > Nothing more expected ->('class initialization' initialize)
> > ('constants' epsilon)
> >
> >
> > Whuh?  I extracted the .cs from the .sar and diffed it against the
> > original; they match.  I'm attaching the broken .sar file.
> You want to use
> self fileInMemberNamed: 'Cassowary.cs'.
> fileInPackageNamed: expects to see a DVS package.
> -- 
> Ned Konz
> http://bike-nomad.com

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