Request for majorShrink fixes

Doug Way dway at
Thu Feb 13 22:30:04 UTC 2003

While we're waiting for a couple of things to be sorted out before 3.4 is
released (some VM issues, plus possibly moving an update server to SqF), it
might be a good time to put out a call for any improvements to
SystemDictionary>>majorShrink that people have made.  Especially since 3.4
will be the final release which relies solely on majorShrink to make a smaller
image. :-)

Does anyone have it all working or mostly working in 3.4 (or even 3.2)?  It
looks like the last time it or the discard* methods were updated was in 2001.

If anyone has improvements which work, we can add them to the 3.4 update

There's at least one issue regarding projects... if you try "Smalltalk
majorShrink" in a 3.4gamma image, it will complain that you need to run it
from an MVC project.  But if you open an MVC project and run it from there, it
complains that it needs to be run from the top project (which is Morphic in
Squeak 3.x).  There's a changeset at
which seems to address this particular issue, but it's still pretty out of

I tried a bunch of the discard* methods individually, though, and most of them
seem to work.

- Doug Way

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