binary array, packing and unpacking?

Ragnar Hojland Espinosa ragnar at
Fri Feb 14 10:48:29 UTC 2003

I'm making a little tcp/ip server using and I'm having
trouble finding a way to pack/unpack data from binary to strings and to
shorts and longs, and to do ntohl and similar.

So basically I have what you can see below, and I haven't figured out how to

	       | data |
	       ^ version, name, description.  "???"

Supposing version is a integer which should be converted to its int32
represetation, name is a string, and description is a string, how would you
convert the stuff to a single array?

processClient: socket
	       | stream magic version |
	       stream _ SocketStream on: socket
	       stream binary; autoFlushOff.
	       magic _ stream next: 4.
	       port _ stream next: 2.

	       stream nextPutAll: servers size.
	       servers do: [ :each | stream nextPutAll: each asBytes ].

How would you convert port to an integer?  And how to ntohs it?  And magic
to a string?

Newbiely yours ;)
Ragnar Hojland - Project Manager
Linalco "Especialistas Linux y en Software Libre" Tel: +34-91-5970074 Fax: +34-91-5970083

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