Mutable Points/Rects in Morphic

tblanchard at tblanchard at
Sat Feb 15 19:33:46 UTC 2003

Well there you go.  Maybe the morphic cleaners ought to change that.
Although its probably got far reaching consequences to do it system 

Something to look at.  I'll put a note on the page.

On Saturday, February 15, 2003, at 05:27  PM, Bill Spight wrote:

> tblanchard wrote:
>> Well one way to fix this might be to define the coordinates of each
>> morph in terms of its container morph.
>> That would solve having to keep updating coordinates in components of
>> complex morphs.  OTOH, there's also  the cost of translating 
>> coordinate
>> systems for drawing - so maybe there's no net gain.
> Well, that's how I construct my go boards. For comparison I opened the
> MineSweeper game and dragged it about. It took about 5 seconds of
> dragging on my machine before there was a snag, although the dragging
> wasn't all that smooth. Then I made a 30x16 go board to get
> approximately the same number of rectangles, and I could drag it around
> for 13 seconds without a snag. Looks like a significant difference to
> me. :-)
> Bill

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