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Hannes Hirzel hannes.hirzel.squeaklist at bluewin.ch
Sat Feb 15 20:14:22 UTC 2003

shane at shaneroberts.com wrote:
> Someday maybe?  Or does this work now?
> "More on Hypertext Links in source code
> [In the forthcoming release 1.3] is an extension to Squeak's source 
> code managment implemented by Ted Kaehler. This supports text 
> emphasis and, most importantly, hyperlinks in code and class 
> comments. The enhancement carries out the intent of our 
> discussions following OOPSLA, providing a built-in framework for 
> effective documentation of the entire system which, in turn, can 
> serve as a substrate for any number of tutorial outer layers. 28 Dec 
> 97. -- DanIngalls"
> See:
> http://minnow.cc.gatech.edu/squeak/42
> I tried Alt-6 but I haven't figured out what it is trying to do or how to 
> make it work yet.
> It brings up a menu of choices for highlighting and/or linking text.  
> But I can't figure out what object is getting created or how to get at 
> it to manage what it does (invoke a method, link to class 
> comments, link to web page, or whatever).
> Shane

Hyperlinks within comments are working. Dan Ingalls implemented them.
They have been working for a long time but as not many people up until
have been writing class comments the hyperlinks haven't been used much

How to do hyperlinks in class comment (actually in any text string)?

Let's say you want to link to the class comment of Morph.
You just select the word 'Morph' and type ALT-6.
>From the menu you choose 'Link to comment of class' and voila - you have
your link.

To link the initialize method of Morph you type
Morph initialize
select it
type ALT-6
and choose 'Link to method'

If you want to link to the class method newBounds:color

you type
  Morph class newBounds:color
select it -> ALT 6 and choose 'Linkt to method'

There are even more possibilites.


P.S. See as well my next mail on this list about writing unit tests with

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