Fun with Morphic, trouble with lines..

Hannes Hirzel hannes.hirzel.squeaklist at
Mon Feb 17 06:58:13 UTC 2003

Chris Muller <afunkyobject at> wrote:
> Hello all.  I've finally started digging into Morphic and having fun playing
> around.
> I'm really impressed with how much the framework takes care of for you.  I've
> also noticed it's pretty easy to mess things up badly enough where I didn't
> want to save my image.
> One thing I'm curious about..  What is the best way to connect two Morphs with
> a line?  I tried creating a subclass of LineMorph to hold two variables
> (originatingMorph and terminatingMorph).  In its drawOn: I set the vertices to
> the centers of those two morphs and then called super drawOn: to draw normally.
> It draws when I initially open in the world, but never again after I move the
> two endpoint morphs..
> I think I'm approaching this the wrong way.  How do you do it?

Load 'Connectors' from SqueakMap done by Ned Konz


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