Need your cooperation for a StarBrowser paper...

Hannes Hirzel hannes.hirzel.squeaklist at
Mon Feb 17 08:30:08 UTC 2003

Hello Roel

First thank you for your porting effort of StarBrowser to Squeak.

Roel Wuyts <roel.wuyts at> wrote:
> Hello people,
> A while ago I released the StarBrowser. If you don't know it yet, then 
> the questions in this mail are not for you, but I invite you then to 
> have a look at the browser for VisualWorks or Squeak ( 
> ) :-)
> If you ever played with the StarBrowser and you can spare a couple of 
> minutes, then I need your help. 

>So feedback especially 
> regarding these aspects is welcome, but also any other thing you might 
> think of.

10 days ago I began re-using Squeak because of an application I had
written a long time ago. I have'nt used Squeak for months. I found out
about SqueakMap updated my old 'production image' to Squeak 3.5alpha
openend the SqueakMap browser and loaded StarBrowser  actually as the
first application I got from SqueakMap.

The StarBrowser in combination with the indenting / outdenting
MessageTrace help me to find out about the important points (entry
points) in my SqueakApp.

I like the idea of browsing code like in a web browser where I have the
possibility to put favourites. Before I had cluttered my whole screen
with a lot of system browsers, inspectors, workspaces, file lists etc.

StarBrowser reduces the cognitive workload as it avoids cluttering the

I really enjoy this  classification idea.  It may be simple from a CS
point of view but from a User perspective it is something very

Another thing I did was that I began really using SUnit. I do not know
yet the procedures of using these tools in a combined way.

Hannes Hirzel

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