Squeak Stewards (Was: RE: [Squeakfoundation]Re: Taking control of parts of Squeak )

Roel Wuyts roel.wuyts at iam.unibe.ch
Fri Feb 21 18:14:05 UTC 2003

On Friday, February 21, 2003, at 05:57 PM, Brent Vukmer wrote:

> A quick note:
> First, thank you to the Traits group for considering whether they 
> might take on the responsibility of managing part of Squeak.  I read 
> your email as an offer of service and "taking control" as meaning 
> "take responsibility for/manage".

Yes, that expresses it exactly. I was looking for a good term, and this 
is it.

> I hope that you do take on this role for this part of Squeak.  Create 
> a path for other folks to follow!
> We already have some folks in the community serving us as Guides -- 
> that's been pretty well discussed and seems to be shaping up well.  
> However as Goran and others have been saying, we *need* 
> maintainers/owners/managers for the various packages in Squeak.  I 
> think that the (slightly-archaic) term "Steward" describes this role 
> well.  A Steward doesn't necessarily *own* a package but does have 
> *responsibility* for reviewing/including/releasing updates to a 
> package.
> This is a critical role.
> I am sure that for packages that are part of the Squeak kernel, that 
> Stewards will work with the Guides, the Harvesting team, and the rest 
> of the community.

Exactly. To put it in another way: I'd impose something like a Caesar 
in the old Roman republic. A ceasar was a dictator who was only that 
for a limited amount of time, and appointed by the senate (the 
community). While he (yes, sorry, this is not a sexists remark - he 
could only be male... :-(  ) had power, the power was absolute.

This is kinda what we are thinking of, except that here the process 
would be more open. When patches are not accepted for some reason, I 
expect discussion about this on the mailing list and reactions from the 
community. So it would be a democratic temporary dictatorship, if you 

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>> Sure, I took the liberty of CCing this onto the SqF list since that is
>> "Guide territory".
>     I took the liberty of forwarding this onto squeak-dev. since
>     that is the main territory. ;-)
>     Cheers,
>     PhiHo.
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>> Hi Roel and you all down there in Bern!
>> Roel Wuyts <roel.wuyts at iam.unibe.ch> wrote:
>>> Hi Goran,
>>> before mentioning anything on the list I'd like to discuss some views
>>> we have here on how the decentralization of responsibility of Squeak
>>> could be done.
>> Sure, I took the liberty of CCing this onto the SqF list since that is
>> "Guide territory".
>>> To make it concrete, we are deciding whether or not we will propose 
>>> to
>>> become the responsibles for the meta-programming/reflection part in
>>> Squeak (ClassBuilder, ...). [Note that this is about base image 
>>> parts,
>>> not about 'optional' things like StarBrowser, etc.]
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