official Accufont image?

Martin Wirblat mw.projanynet at
Sat Feb 22 20:27:07 UTC 2003

Ned Konz <ned at> wrote on 22.02.2003 21:17:54:
>I'll check. One of the things that I find with the version on 
>SqueakMap is that the default text font needs to be changed to make 
>it somewhat bigger after installation (to make it similar in size to 
>the NewYork that was being used). We could add that to the installer.

We could make it even bigger than what is currently used, because that
is by no means big, it is small, too small. I think an intelligent
computer is something, which does not bomb you with tons of information,
or distract your eyes and demand fine-motoric skills as if you were an 
F16-pilot, it must be something like HAL 2001.


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