[BUG][Morphic-Games] Error: only integers should be used as indices

Brent Vukmer bvukmer at blackboard.com
Wed Feb 26 21:10:09 UTC 2003

I installed Games-Removal, then Morphic-Games on a Squeak3.4 gammaOne image ( #5169 ).  When I tried to install Connectors 1.9 on the image, while the Parts Bin was regenerating, I got a debugger on the error "Error: only integers should be used as indices".  

The error occurs in CrosticPanel>>initializeToStandAlone, during the consistency check code:

	"Consistency check: "
	(citation asUppercase select: [:c | c isLetter]) =
		(String withAll: (answers collect: [:a | indexableQuote at: a first]))
		ifFalse: [self error: 'mal-formed crostic file'].

The problem happens inside the collect: block, when the variable 'a' is an Array containing 1 nil element.

I took a quick look at the Morphic-Games changeset but did not identify a fix...

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