[UPDATES] 8 approved items for 3.6alpha

Doug Way dway at riskmetrics.com
Sat Jun 14 06:04:09 UTC 2003

The latest batch of [approved] items.  (There are still some more items 
reviewed & tested by non-harvesters which could be looked at for 

- Doug Way


5262AllCategoryBrowser-drs -- Dean Swan -- 29 January 2003
Modifies Browser behavior so that when a a class is selected, the '-- 
all --' category is not selected, but all methods are shown and the 
class template is shown in the text area.  If '-- all --' is selected, 
the method template is shown in the text area instead, so that new 
methods can be entered."

5263Array2DrowColValDo-je -- Joern Eyrich -- 23 March 2003
value accessing arguments were switched;
found by Array2DTest>>testRowAndColumnValuesDo;
applicable to 3.4-5170 and 3.5b/3.6a-5174"

5264BigDebugger-tk -- Ted Kaehler -- 13 May 2003
Debuggers have so many panes and buttons now, that the screen height of 
the method itself is very small.  This method makes full debuggers 
taller, and gives more area to the method.  Afterall, that's the place 
where the bug is.
	If Squeak has a small screen (ona PDA), the debugger is not made 

5265BoundsInHaloFix2-nk -- Ned Konz -- 15 May 2003
This fixes the problems with halos drawing outside their bounds and not 
being deletable when the showBoundsInHalo Preference is turned on.
This should be used instead of my 12 May fix (though it includes it), 
as the prior fix resulted in errant drawing in some cases.
The following things work:
* dismiss handle
* recolor
* balloon help on halo handles
* no drawing gribblies
It has been checked out by Scott Wallace.

5266browsingCodeFixes-asm -- Alejandro Magistrello, Tim Rowledge -- 3 
May 2003
1 - when you want to open a changeList browser for a file that is 
readOnly you a get a nil dNU: browseStream: because the file wasn't 
opened in write mode.
2 - if you open a code-file browser on a File that contains the 
definition of a non-existing class in the system and goes from the 
classSide to the instanceSide you'll get: PseudoMetaclass/PseudoClass 
dNU: #compiledMethodAt:ifAbsent:
1 is fixed by opening the file in readOnlyMode,
2 is fixed by testing for (aClass isKindOf: PseudoClass) in 
FileContentsBrowser.didCodeChangeElsewhere, as one can't change code on 
a code-file browser just answer false

5267GradientFillFix-nk -- Ned Konz -- 27 February 2003
This fixes the walkback in 3.4g that happens when you do this:
* set the desktop to display a form (use textured background).
* set gradient color

5268PNGMineType-dgd -- Diego Gomez Deck <DiegoGomezDeck at ConsultAr.com> 
-- 30 March 2003
- add a new mime type for png images.
-- see FileDirectory class>>initializeStandardMIMETypes
This change allows to drag and drop a png image from the outer space to 
squeak and handle it correctly.

5269QueueSndComment-efc -- Eddie Cottongim -- 2 January 2003
A class comment for QueueSound.

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