Helping with Harvesting

Karl Ramberg karl.ramberg at
Tue Sep 30 14:35:43 UTC 2003

Marcus Denker wrote:
> Squeakers,
> Soon the alpha phase of 3.7 will start. That's the time
> we have for really folding in all the ehancements that
> were posted to list list over the last months.
> The nice thing is: Everyone can help with this!
> There is a nice Document on the Wiki:
> Commenting Bugs and Fixes:
> So if please fire up the BFAV, and tell the world which changes
> you really like to see in 3.7. This allready would help a lot.
> And even better would be some testing, code review, and SUnit-Tests.

I'v been trying to run the BFAV several times but run into problems.
Have anybody got it to run on MacOS 8 or 9 ?


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