Squeak in college education

John Pfersich jp1660 at att.net
Wed Feb 18 01:18:48 UTC 2004

>Part of the Georgia Tech culture is that people like to complain. (This is
>true for the faculty as much as the students.) Anyway, having a good sense
>of humor about these things, I was peeking at
>http://www.studentsreview.com/GA/GT_c.html and ran across this quote:
>'Before I came I heard the school was good for Computer Science -- it is
>afterall the biggest single major at the school. However, this is not a
>Computer Science school, and they teach you useless languages such as
>"Squeak", which you'll never use again in your life.'

Spoken like a true loser. I've found that most CS majors should have 
found another major.

I'm taking grad level classes at University of New Mexico, and last 
semester one student asked me if  object-oriented programming was 
worth learning. I was floored at the question. Upon further 
questioning, I found that he was referring to plain old application 
programming, nothing unusual like embedded programming.

I use more Java than Smalltalk, but I can't really believe that OO is 
taught so badly that there would be any question.

>[Aside to Mark Guzdial: If hoping you have a good sense of humor about
>this... :) ]
>This got me thinking... what would it take to convince college students
>that Squeak is as cool as we think it is? Make them understand that C++ is
>not the bees knees?
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