[ENH] MailChangeSetToListPrefixes-fbs

frank.shearar at rnid.org.uk frank.shearar at rnid.org.uk
Tue Jan 6 17:00:53 UTC 2004

from preamble:

"Change Set:		MailChangeSetToListPrefixes-fbs
Date:			6 January 2004
Author:			Frank Shearar

This adds a [TEST] menu item to the [ENH]/[BUG]/etc option list when you
select 'mail to list' on a ChangeSet.

I'd add a test suite if I could figure out a decent way to test the GUI.

The next step would probably be to allow multiple selections - so you
could, for instance, post a [BUG][FIX][TEST] message easily."!
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