About harvesting

ducasse ducasse at iam.unibe.ch
Tue Jan 6 19:00:54 UTC 2004

hi all

I really do not understand why people that develop in Squeak real 
applications or for which Squeak is critical
do not review bug, fixes and others. Not been able to spend one hour 
per two weeks really show that they are busy squeakers
out there.

May be what we are doing is useless after all?
I'm wondering why I spent my time mainly for egoist.....because I see 
fix and enh getting just pilled up and
there are really *FEW* people looking at bug fixes or other.

I'm really wondering what will happen when I will stop with marcus. 
Because this will happen.


Please do not spend your precious time answering this email. The only 
answer I can understand is
open BFAV and comment fix enh....

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