[ANN] Keymapping -- manage your keyboard shortcuts

ducasse ducasse at iam.unibe.ch
Sun Jan 11 16:15:41 UTC 2004

On 11 janv. 04, at 16:41, C. David Shaffer wrote:

> Stephane,
> My package is an enhancement of the one from Steven (I refered to it 
> in my announcement by its SqueakMap package name: KeyMapper).  I would 
> have listed it as an [ENH] but I'm not sure how interested Steven is 
> in incorporating my work into his.  I have been in e-mail contact with 
> him and when we both have time I hope to propose that we bring the two 
> works together.
this is really cool because sometimes I'm sad to see everybody redoing 
the same. Squeak map really improved a lot the sharing.

> I use his model which has a KeyMapper in each TextMorph.  Each one has 
> it's own keymap so you can have per-instance keymaps.

> At the moment, all of the shortcut handling code is in TextMorph, not 
> in ParagraphEditor.  My extension to his code allows you to specify 
> actions which are invoked on the ParagraphEditor so you can invoke 
> methods like browseIt: and save:.  Still, though, this is not a 
> perfect situation and near the top of my to-do list is moving the key 
> handling code into ParagraphEditor so that non-TextMorph users of 
> ParagraphEditor can benifit from this package.  So, while I think my 
> package brings some much needed enhancements to KeyMapper, we are 
> certainly not done.  Some community feedback on this work will be 
> helpful in guiding its future development.
Ok I will try to have a look.

Anyway this is cool and I would like to see the new version getting in 
the image. I imagine that the emacs-binding package could be using this 


> David
> ducasse wrote:
>> Hi david
>> Before I find time to play with that, I wouldlike to know if this is  
>> possible to define keymaps for only one instance.
>> For example when I developed my own version (micro) of this, I could  
>> open a window and define the keympas that the
>> the paragraphEditor of this specific window could have without  
>> impacting all the paragrapheditors in the image (the trick was
>> to refactor paragraphEditor and introduce an instance and a classVar  
>> for the keymap like in the class Scanner, and to use
>> the only the instance variable but to share the instance varaible  
>> contents was pointing to the classVar one).
>> Second question have you look at the package of steven swerling 
>> because  it was good too and this would be good to have
>> one of this in the image because te way paragraph editor handles  
>> shortcuts is bad.
>> http://map1.squeakfoundation.org/sm/package/0c25b2d9-c6e0-4747-a3f5- 
>> c57d0dadb27e
>> Stef

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