[ANN] Keymapping -- manage your keyboard shortcuts

Steven Swerling sps2000 at mail.com
Mon Jan 12 18:02:43 UTC 2004

C. David Shaffer wrote:
> I would have 
> listed it as an [ENH] but I'm not sure how interested Steven is in 
> incorporating my work into his.  I have been in e-mail contact with him 
> and when we both have time I hope to propose that we bring the two works 
> together. 

Your enhancements/add-ons to KeyMapper look good. I've got my plate full 
with another project (I'm updating SVI). Why not just fold KeyMapper 
into your project (instead of the other way around) and call it a day?

I like the way you are specifying shifted keys -- I think I will be 
stealing that (for SVI).

I've made some changes of my own to SVI's KeyMapper that are similar to 
your XXXActions (I called them KMKeyBindings). Great minds...

I would like to make a suggestion: a DoBlockAction (binds a keysequence 
to an arbitrary block, user could specify the block in your dialog). 
When there is a match, it just calls "value" on the block. This way, 
users could bind any key sequence to any method in the system. Example: 
bind some key sequence to execute [MyFancyPantsClass someClassMethod], 
or [SomeGlobalObject someInstMethod].

Anyway, good work, and let me know if you fold KeyMapper into your 
Keymapping package so I can remove KeyMapper from SqueakMap.

Steve S.

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