Porting Squeak to IA64

Alan Grimes alangrimes at starpower.net
Fri Jan 16 01:32:47 UTC 2004

Virumandi Sandiyar wrote:

>            I am newbie to Squeak and I am trying to
>port squeak to  an Intel Itanium2 (64-bit) cpu-base
>server running on 64-bit Linux. 
>1.  First of all, I would like to know if it is
>feasible to port Squeak to IA64 and if there is any
>benefit in it.

I suspect that it will run out of the box, do you have a 
compiler/runtime error message that says otherwise?

>4. Do I need to port the image also to make it work on
>the 64 bit platform? 
No, absolutly not.
The immage runs unmodified on all platforms except PDAs due to memory 

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