[UPDATES] 34 for Squeak3.7alpha AND TESTS!!!!

Frank Sergeant frank at canyon-medical.com
Sat Jan 17 23:21:06 UTC 2004

ducasse <ducasse at iam.unibe.ch> wrote:

> > I am against it, if you mean including the tests in the base/kernel
> > image (whatever the final name is that refers to the smallest image,
> > the one that is updated by the update stream).

> For me this is costing much more energy to me.  Then if you want to
> create a mini image yo can simply remove all the sbclasses of
> TestCase.

Thank you for explaining further your reasoning and the difficulties you
are facing with the current situation.  I should not have used the word
"madness"; I retract it.
> Why a decision should force people working losing more time.

I hope that is not saying that SqueakMap and package info-style
modularization have been the wrong way to go and that, instead,
everything should be kept in a monolithic image with every change going
through the update stream.  I have felt that the renaissance we are
enjoying in Squeak was sparked by Goran's diplomacy in moving us off the
dead-end 3.3 and into our current SqueakMap era (and fueled by Avi's
package info and the hard work of many, including you).  And, that a key
aspect of this is to transfer everything possible out of the most basic
image and onto SqueakMap.  Perhaps you have been in agreement with that
but had felt either or both that (a) the core tests were an exception or
(b) that the core tests were not or could not be put on SqueakMap.

I think, though, if I have followed your and Avi's comments, that we now
have an even better resolution: that you will send the necessary
changesets to Avi and that he will put the tests on SqueakMap.

> > trimmed to virtually nothing?  I would hope that people who
> > automatically quote entire messages would consider changing their
> > policy.
> I hate removing text because I read nealry 100 emails per days in
> average and not only on squeak so the context helps me to remember and
> I can following a question of other people.

Again, thank you for explaining your reasoning.  It is a tradeoff and
decision each of us must make for himself.  At least, it is less
disturbing than the email posted in HTML.

-- Frank

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