[BUG] [FIX] [eToys] ParameterTileInCompoundTiles-dgd

DiegoGomezDeck at ConsultAr.com DiegoGomezDeck at ConsultAr.com
Sun Jan 18 20:20:01 UTC 2004

from preamble:

"Change Set:		ParameterTileInCompoundTiles-dgd
Date:			18 January 2004
Author:			Diego Gomez Deck <DiegoGomezDeck at ConsultAr.com>

Bug: The problem raised when a parameter to an eToy script is used
inside a TestYesNo tile (or the new TimesRepeat).

Fix: TestYesNo tile (and TimesRepeat) includes some ScriptEditorMorphs
so the method ParameterTile>>scriptEditor has to consider the outermost
one.  A simple change in this method to send #lastOwnerThatIsA: instead
of #ownerThatIsA: fixs the problem.  A couple of methods to implemente
lastOwnerThatIsA: are implemented using the counterpart methods as

Funny things like
http://swiki.agro.uba.ar/small_land/uploads/13/recursive-tree.jpeg are
now possible.

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