Squeak listening to specific IP Addresses?

Peter William Lount peter at ActiveInfo.CA
Tue Jan 20 20:33:40 UTC 2004

> wouldn't
> it be easier just to expose something like:
> Socket>>bindTo: localAddress port: localPoirt
>   - Andreas


I concur. It would be best to mirror the API of the major operating systems
network stacks. BSD being the best. ;--)

The UNIX Squeak (version Squeak3.6g-5420 with updates) does not yet have

The latest version on http://www-sor.inria.fr/~piumarta/squeak/index.html is
Squeak3.6g-5420.image. Is there a newer version with this new primitive? If
so, where can I get the latest version of the unix port or the C code
updates for it? Or when is a new unix release coming?

All the best,

Peter William Lount, Senior Editor Smalltalk.org
peter at smalltalk.org
peter at activeinfo.ca

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