SM2 status and playing with the cache!

goran.krampe at goran.krampe at
Thu Jan 22 12:45:57 UTC 2004

Hi all!

Decided to give the new client cache a run for its money.

Using a 3.7-5623 image I first hacked
HTTPSocket>>getResponseUpTo:ignoring: by changing the "data was
late"-lines to:

		(self waitForDataUntil: (Socket deadlineSecs: 15)) ifFalse: [
			self error: 'Timeout'. "Transcript show: 'data was late'; cr"].

...and thus it actually times out when trying to download things. Then I
executed this which downloads all releases (not just the latest) of all
packages that are downloadable:

SMSqueakMap default packages do: [:p | p releases do: [:rel | rel
isDownloadable ifTrue: [rel ensureInCache. Transcript show: 'Loaded ',
rel package name;cr ]]]

After a while this filled up my cache with about 35Mb and 373 files.
Neat! Finally, to see how it looks:

SMSqueakMap default packages do: [:p |
	p releases isEmpty
		ifTrue: [Transcript show: 'Not released ', p printString; cr.]
			p releases do: [:rel |
				rel isDownloadable
					ifFalse: [Transcript show: 'Not downloadable ', rel printString;
					ifTrue: [rel isCached ifFalse: [Transcript show: 'Not cached ', rel
printString;cr ]]]]]

This gave me this list:

Not cached SMPackageRelease[X10 Driver for Squeak 1]
Not cached SMPackageRelease[ECE Toolkit 1]
Not downloadable SMPackageRelease[WarGame Demo 1]
Not downloadable SMPackageRelease[Comanche 1]
Not cached SMPackageRelease[Hierarchy List Morph - Lines 1]
Not cached SMPackageRelease[MultiColumn List Morph 1]
Not released SMPackage[JDepper]
Not downloadable SMPackageRelease[SqueakAmp 1]
Not cached SMPackageRelease[Zurgle for Squeak 3.2 1]
Not cached SMPackageRelease[FractalMorph 1]
Not cached SMPackageRelease[IRCBot 1]

Disregarding JDepper (which has no release) and the three packages that
aren't downloadable:
	- Comanche has been deprecated. Stephen could actually now delete the
release and type that into the package description instead.
	- WarGame Demo simply has no download url entered in the release (note
that the releases were autocreated when we migrated from SM1)
	- SqueakAmp has a URL but no filename since it is packaged as a zip

...then we find these that simply failed to download:
	- X10 Driver for Squeak 1
	- ECE Toolkit 1
	- Hierarchy List Morph - Lines 1
	- MultiColumn List Morph 1
	- Zurgle for Squeak 3.2 1
	- FractalMorph 1
	- IRCBot 1

Ok, lets revisit the script above and find out the emails and names of
those package maintainers:
	| emails|
	emails _ Set new.	
	SMSqueakMap default packages do: [:p |
		p releases isEmpty
				p releases do: [:rel |
					rel isDownloadable
						ifTrue: [rel isCached
									ifFalse: [emails add: rel package owner name -> rel package
owner email]]]]].

...alt-p and we get:

	 a Set('Webb McDonald'->'knightofsadcountenance at' 'Thierry
Reignier'->'thierry_reignier at' 'Kevin
Fisher'->'kgf at' 'Chris Cunningham'->'csque0 at' 'Jim
Benson'->'zurgle at')

I cc:ed you guys so perhaps you can fix them. :)

regards, Göran

PS. Also zipped up the cache directory to see how well it would
compress. Ended up about 30.5 Mb.

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