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Lic. Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2001 at
Fri Jan 23 22:15:36 UTC 2004

> Okay now for a little question:
> Can Squeak be made to run on a IBM Thinkpad 365E with an AMD 100 running
> Windows 95 with 16MB RAM and a 800MB Harddrive?
> I don't need all the fancy classes. I will be using it mainly to study and
> play with Squeak. I would like to at least have the ST-80, Morphic and
> Network classes.
> Right now I'm running Smalltalk Express on the Think Pad.


We have a lot in common.

My history is similar to yours, but my language for eras was Pascal and
hardware Apple only.

I have a Squeak derived product, named SqueakLight, whih have all your
wishes and in last version (12), start to be remote commanded from other

This gizmo have about 4 mb and could do most Morphic, Comanche , and older
HttpView 3 from Goran.
With Emilio Oca and GermanBoccoleri we have a commercial app based in
version 5 of SqueakLight running in a Compaq iPaq 3600 , so I think could
run in your hardware.

And this list is a best place for learning, having cool people.

>From Rosario, Argentina, welcome.


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