ObjectiveCPlugin progress

Marcel Weiher marcel at metaobject.com
Tue Jun 1 23:17:00 UTC 2004

On 1 Jun 2004, at 23:58, Marcel Weiher wrote:

> Now it seems that this would only be needed for building the actual 
> plugin, which I don't need because I downloaded the binary.  So I 
> tried loading it anyway, which proceeds, takes quite some time in 
> downloading/installing and then seems to grind to a halt completely in 
> initializing.  Does this simply take a long time?  Or do I need to 
> resolve that reference?  Or something else?
> (I will try again in the meantime)

OK, I've tried again and it definitely gets stuck in "Initializing...". 
  The progress bar is at about 5% or so (barely started), the image 
remains pegged at 90% + CPU and locked, meaning Command-. doesn't 
interrupt and you get a spinning beachball of death.

Curiously, loginwindow goes up to 90% + as well ( dual CPUs ;-), and 
drops to zero again as soon as the Squeak process is killed, so the two 
seem to be related, however that would work...

Any ideas?



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