Steve Moffitt stevia at citlink.net
Thu Jun 3 07:24:07 UTC 2004

This fix worked on my Unix 3.7b-5 VM ( using imac ) but did not work on 
on my 3.7.3Beta4 Vm. On my 3.7.3Beta4 VM as soon as I expanded a 
collapsed window the fonts  in all the remaining windows reverted to a 
smaller font and I got the white line in my window labels. As soon as I 
changed the font size of the window labels I got the normal windows 
again.  This goes away if I remove change set 5923-PSPointSizeFix-ns. 
I'm a fairly new squeaker so I don't even know where to begin to fix 
it, but I hope this info helps.

Steve Moffitt

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