BFAV2 Server temporarily broken

Ken Causey ken at
Tue Jun 8 23:11:19 UTC 2004

For some unknown reason a problem has occurred with the BFAV2 server
which has forced me to temporarily disable the reception of new
messages.  The file that collects the newest messages has been corrupted
and I will need to reimport the most recent bug/fix/etc reports.  Using
the BFAV2 client will work (after I make a few changes in a minute) but
no new messages will appear until I can reimport the missing ones.  I
can't reimport them at this point because I can't get at the raw
messages.  The link to the full mbox file for the -dev list doesn't seem
to be where I expect it and there never was a public one for the
-harvest list.  I'll need to get with Cees to sort this out.

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