Ben Schroeder bschroeder at procro.com
Mon Jun 14 18:52:25 UTC 2004

Hi Diego,

Thanks for posting your advice!  I now almost have ODBC working on my Mac.
I did see one typo in your instructions -

> 1 from a terminal create an odbc.framework directory.
> (sudo mkdir /System/Library/Frameworks/odbc.framework)

should I think say "libiodbc.framework", as that is the name used later.
(The same is true for step 2.)

> 2 symlink the iodbc library into the newly created directory
> ln -s /usr/lib/libiodbc.dylib \
>   /System/Library/Frameworks/odbc.framework/libiodbc

I am still getting an error - maybe you have seen something like it.  I have
installed FreeTDS, to connect to an MS SQL Server, and have configured iODBC
to use it.  The connection works with iODBC's 'odbctest' program.

When I try to use my DSN from Squeak, I always get an ODBCError with no
detailed error message, at initial connection time.  Have you had this
happen?  What are some possible sources of trouble I could look for?

I think it is finding the library, as it gave me a different message when it
could not.

Thanks much,
Ben Schroeder

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