Default UI preferences for 3.7

Nevin Pratt nevin at
Fri Jun 18 00:46:18 UTC 2004

Russell Penney wrote:

>Is this the pretty print that re-writes your code so it doesn’t work
>anymore? If so then I would say a big no because it is not only misleading
>but dangerous.

Obviously any pretty printer that does this is worthless.

And for me, the pretty printer is essential.

Therefore, any release with a broken pretty printer is a worthless 
release. At least for me. And that's the main reason I would never 
consider Squeak release version 3.6, but have stayed at 3.5 for 
production, and dabbled with 3.7 for "play".

I don't care so much that the pretty printer "messes up comments"-- to 
me that is just a strong suggestion to refactor with more 
"intention-revealing selectors", thus eliminating the need for the 
comments. I tend to just have comments at the top anyway (but not always 
just there-- only "mostly" just there).

I also really don't care what "pretty printing" algorithm is used to do 
the pretty printing. I can get used to almost anything, as long as it is 


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