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Sun Jun 20 00:02:55 UTC 2004

"Change Set:		SuppressControlKeyInBrowser-nk
Date:			19 June 2004
Author:			Ned Konz

Now that we have the 'what to show' menu, the use of the control key to
display decompilation without temps and the use of the shift key to
display decompilation can be replaced with a single modifier key in the
'show decompiled' code holder views.

This avoids the surprising and mystifying behavior upon accidentally
accepting a method with Ctrl-Alt-S, which can on some platforms display
a decompiled method with no temp names.

This change set:

* removes sensitivity to Ctrl and Shift keys in all but the 'show
decompiled' mode of the various browsers
* factors all of the decompilation display logic into a single method
* retains backwards compatibility with other browsers
* makes the 'what to show' menu also work in MVC (so as not to lose the
ability to display decompiled methods in the MVC environment)
* makes the display of decompiled code *without* temp names be the only
special key sequence: if you're already displaying decompiled methods
and hold the shift down when you select a method, you will see the
decompilation without the temp names.

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