[FIX] [BUG] smoothOrSegmentedPhrase-wiz ( [cd][sm] corrected menu used)

Peace Jerome peace_the_dreamer at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 25 00:27:23 UTC 2004

--- germanmorales at delta-sys.com wrote:
> -does what it says it does, and works right at that
> issue.
> -but accidentally introduces a new menu option
> called 'use debug
> border', which sends the message
> #showSegmentsBorderStyle which is not
> implemented in the clean 5954 image (perhaps another
> package added this
> to Jerome's image?)
> German Morales

Thanx German,

You are right I had done the fix while working on
another larger project. Apparently I didn't remove the
extraneous menu items.
Here is the cleanly grafted fix on the most recently
available image. Thanks again for your sharp eyes.

'From Squeak3.7beta of ''1 April 2004'' [latest
update: #5963] on 24 June 2004 at 8:04:04 pm'!
"Change Set:		smoothPhrase-wiz.2
Date:			24 June 2004
Author:			Jerome Peace (wiz)

When you keep a Polygon/Curve menu up the menu doesn't
update the smooth of segmented phrase. It is now
factored out and made auto updating. 

This is a correction to the previous change set I
sent.  This time I grafted the changes onto a new
fresh image (3.7b-5963). The last set had some extra
menu items from an other project I was working on
unrelated to this fix. Thanx to the harvester who
pointed this out."!

!PolygonMorph methodsFor: 'access' stamp: 'wiz
6/6/2004 21:56'!
				| lineName |
	lineName := (closed
						ifTrue: ['outline']
						ifFalse: ['line']) translated.

			^ self isCurve
				ifTrue: ['make segmented {1}' translated format:
				ifFalse: ['make smooth {1}' translated format:
{lineName}].! !

!PolygonMorph methodsFor: 'menu' stamp: 'wiz 6/24/2004
addCustomMenuItems: aMenu hand: aHandMorph 
	| |
	super addCustomMenuItems: aMenu hand: aHandMorph.
		addUpdating: #handlesShowingPhrase
		target: self
		action: #showOrHideHandles.
	vertices size > 2
		ifTrue: [aMenu
				addUpdating: #openOrClosePhrase
				target: self
				action: #makeOpenOrClosed.
				addUpdating: #smoothOrSegmentedPhrase
				target: self
				action: #toggleSmoothing.].
	aMenu add: 'specify dashed line' translated action:
	self isOpen
		ifTrue: [aMenu addLine.
				addWithLabel: '---'
				enablement: [self isOpen
						and: [arrows ~~ #none]]
				action: #makeNoArrows.
				addWithLabel: '-->'
				enablement: [self isOpen
						and: [arrows ~~ #forward]]
				action: #makeForwardArrow.
				addWithLabel: '<--'
				enablement: [self isOpen
						and: [arrows ~~ #back]]
				action: #makeBackArrow.
				addWithLabel: '<->'
				enablement: [self isOpen
						and: [arrows ~~ #both]]
				action: #makeBothArrows.
			aMenu add: 'customize arrows' translated action:
			(self hasProperty: #arrowSpec)
				ifTrue: [aMenu add: 'standard arrows' translated
action: #standardArrows]]! !

Gzip version of change set attached. 

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