[FIX] [BUG] downShiftBugFix-wiz ( [cd][er][sm] fixes the bug but partially, new version provided )

Peace Jerome peace_the_dreamer at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 25 01:30:54 UTC 2004

--- germanmorales at delta-sys.com wrote:
> -the fix by Jerome makes the test
>  #Will withFirstCharacterDownshifted
>  work a little better: from a debugger window to a
> response 'will'
> -but the right answer is #will (a Symbol, not a
> String)
>  the attached new version make it work right
>  but I think it implies a useless duplication in the
> case of Strings,
> I'm not sure if we should care about that.
> German Morales

Dear German

I looked at your improvement. I believe it will get
the results needed.  I just came accross my part of
the fix be cause I was trying to understand the code
by doing the examples. Happy to defer to your sharp
eyes and deeper knowledge.

Cheer and joy - Jer

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