a little sugestion about squeak aesthetics

Cancerbero sgurin at montevideo.com.uy
Fri Jun 25 20:17:50 UTC 2004


I'm new on this list and I don't know if i have right to make this
suggestion about squeak, particularly squeak aesthetics. In my unix
version the window (at a window manager level[1]) of squeak has the
title "Squak3.7b-5868-truco.image" (I don't know if this happen in
other OSs, too). For me, something like "Squeak 3.7beta 5868" or
better: "The Squeak Objects Environment" would be better.  ¿Can
squeak control such things? 


[1] --  i'm using WindowMaker. 

Sebastián Gurin (Cancerbero)

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