[BUG] BFAV multiple To: headers

Ned Konz ned at bike-nomad.com
Tue Jun 29 04:40:11 UTC 2004

On Monday 28 June 2004 9:27 pm, I wrote:
> > I don't know if this is actually the problem, and whether it's the
> > fault of BFAV or the Squeak email sender.
> I don't know, though RFC-822 appears to explicitly allow it

And apparently this was fixed in RFC-2822,
which says that the maximum number of each kind of various fields is 1:

   The following table indicates limits on the number of times each
   field may occur in a message header as well as any special
   limitations on the use of those fields.  An asterisk next to a value
   in the minimum or maximum column indicates that a special restriction
   appears in the Notes column.

Field           Min number      Max number      Notes

from 		1 	1 	See sender and 3.6.2
sender 	0* 	1 	MUST occur with multi-address from - see 3.6.2
reply-to 	0 	1
to 		0 	1
cc 		0 	1
bcc 		0 	1
message-id 0* 	1 	SHOULD be present - see 3.6.4
in-reply-to 	0* 	1 	SHOULD occur in some replies - see 3.6.4
references  0* 	1 	SHOULD occur in some replies - see 3.6.4
subject 	0 	1

Ned Konz

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