[Monticello][SmaCC] Dependency problem?

Hernan Tylim htylim at yahoo.com.ar
Mon Mar 1 00:05:39 UTC 2004

	Today I had a problem with the SmaCC-Development package and I
though in giving feedback to the package maintainers.

	The problem I had I am not sure if it's a Monticello or a SmaCC
problem. This is what happened:

	I downloaded a new Squeak 3.7a 5707 image and from the Package
Loader I installed Monticello, then the Refactoring Browser and then the
SmaCC Development package.
	The Monticello and the Refactory package installed OK. But the
SmaCC got interrupted with a "Could not find version:
'Refactory-dvf.21'" error.

	Investigating a little I found that the version of the
Refactoring Browser that got installed was the Refactory-dvf.22.

	I don’t know if this is why I couldn't install SmaCC. But if it
is I suggest to use Refactory-dvf.22 as dependency as Refactory-dvf.21
it's not anymore available on SM.

	Another related thing. In one of my many attempts installing
SmaCC I forgot to install Monticello and the SmaCC installed flawlessly.
Why was that? The MCZ Installer doesn’t do this dependency checking?


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