ducasse ducasse at
Sun Mar 7 15:39:45 UTC 2004

Hi giovanni

this would be great to create a new modern style for the
web site. (By modern I mean something that is more slick) For the new 
web site of ESUG
we decided to use SmallWiki because like that
we can be several to edit it.

There was a discussion back in September, look at it and may be extract 
I suggest you NOT to listen and discuss with people but do something 
that you like
then propose it. Try to finish it because deserves to have a 
better look.

On 7 mars 04, at 16:05, Giovanni Corriga wrote:

> Hi all
> A couple of days ago I stumbled upon this page on WardsWiki:
> While it seems to me that whoever created that page didn't bother to
> follow the links in the SqueakSmalltalk page, I have to agree that much
> of what's on could use an update.
> I'd be interested in helping revamping, by updating both the
> content and the formatting. I'm no HTML/CSS expert, so I'd appreciate 
> if
> someone were to join me in this effort.
> As an example and a possible kickstart, at
> you may find a slightly
> tweaked version of the front page of
> Any comment, endorsement or flaming is appreciated.
> 	Ciao,
> 		Giovanni

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