Non-debuggerable situation: investigations

Brent Pinkney brent.pinkney at
Tue Feb 1 20:25:11 UTC 2005


I have been tracking down the symptions Chris is referring to and can  
confirm his problem.

For the impatient see my conclusions at the bottom.

Firstly, it is possible to open a debugger in 3.7 on the 'do-it' of

	ProtoObject basicNew printString.

1. When this is is evaluated a wee debugger appears indicating correctly  
than printString is not understood.
2. If one chooses to debug this a full debugger appears as expected.
3. If one clicks on the top row in the stack list, a new debugger appears  
indicating that ProtoObject does not understand inspector class. This is  
becuase the first debugger is trying to populate the little inspector in  
the bottom left hand corner of the debugger (the receiver).
4. If one abandons the second debugger, one can continue with the first  

5. If one implemenents, for investigation purposes only,  
ProtoObject>>inspectorClass as

		^ Inspector

6. If one repeats 1-3 again then the second debugger does NOT appear.


7. Step three above (with method in step 5 installed) is the same as  

		openAsMorphOn: ProtoObject new
		withEvalPane: true
		withLabel: 'huh'
		valueViewClass: nil

In 3.7-6989 this opens just fine.

8. In 3.8-6550 this does NOT work. You can get it to work by
	a) adding ProtoObject>>inspectorClass as per step 5.
	b) reverting Inspector>>inspect: from Andrew Black's (apb) version
	   to Anthony Hannan's (ajh) version.

9. Note. The debugger still does not open, even with the changes to 3.8 in  
8 above. I am still hunting but must now sleep.

The problems have probably been introduced at the same time as the changes  
to Inspector.
Could this be the inspector enhancements bundled with the clousure  
compiler stuff.

Help requested.


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