French translation

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at
Thu Feb 17 20:05:06 UTC 2005

  (I sent the same message with an attachment, but the server doesn't
like too big attachment.  I uploaded it to a web server instead.)


> No need to declare French somewhere? Okay, I am surprised.
> How should I load? With filelist?

  Ah, actually, yes.  The little trick is to name the file so that the
base part matches the two letter international language code (in this
case, the file should be named "fr.translation".)

> However accented character gets wrong as expected.

  Yes, you're absolutely right about the encoding.

  Try to load ('merge' from the FileList) the file at the URL below
into Yamamiya-san's NSqueak-2005-02-17.image.  From now on, the
default file format of .translation file becomes UTF-8 text.

  Sorry about the confusion.  And thank you so much for your work!

-- Yoshiki

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