RFD - Envy-like MC repository

Bert Freudenberg bert at impara.de
Fri Nov 4 13:06:23 UTC 2005

Am 04.11.2005 um 00:23 schrieb Chris Muller:

>> It gets hairy when I start to think about multiple images being
>> connected to the db - how do you keep your stuff apart? I haven't
>> thought much about all that, so therefore an RFD here. If people have
>> ideas to share, or comments on the code, I'd be delighted to hear it.
> How often do you want the 100th version ago of a method dated back  
> forever?  I
> actually kind of like how getting a new image starts clean with all  
> of the
> method histories.  I usually only care to know what I've been doing  
> *lately*.

In contrast, I often find myself wanting to know what changed in a  
particular method/class/package lately *especially* when I didn't do  
it. The version history is something I really miss when starting with  
a clean image and just loading the latest version of each package.

- Bert -

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