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Joaquin Sitte a écrit :

> I am using Squeak in my lectures on Computational Intelligence for Embedded
> Systems for third and fourth year university students in Engineering and
> Information Technology. Students are given a simulator for mobile robots
> (the Khepera robots to be precise) running in Squeak where they can develop
> robot behaviours (including autonomous robot soccer players). The simulator
> also supports controlling Khepera robots from a PC via a wireless
> (Bluetooth) link. The same (Smalltalk) behaviour code can be used
> identically to control the simulated Khepera robot and the real robot. 
> In another ongoing project we are adapting the Squeak VM to run on a bare
> XScale processor without underlying operating system.
> I am not aware of other current work on Smalltalk for Robotics, although
> there probably are a few things being done. I remember some time ago seeing
> someone mentioning on this list a robotic underwater vehicle controlled by
> Smalltalk. Also Squeak has been ported to the Gumstix SBC. The Gumstix SBC
> has been recently used in robotics projects (but not using Squeak, as far as
> I am aware).

Thanks you for you nice report about what you are doing.

We are also using Squeak & robots for education purpose. We build an 
educational platform to teach robotic to children, call SqueakBot.
We are working with a french association called "Planète Science" 
( They organize robotic camps for 
children in France. They provide a very nice set of small electronic 
modules that can be used to builds various robots shape and the idea is 
to remotely control these modules with Etoys.

We made several videos of the robots build by the child during the last 
summer. Among the videos, there is a video of a caterpillar robot and 
another one of a walking robot :

The code is also available on SqueakSource here :

We also have started some work about robot simulation.
With the help of ODECO module, we made a very simple simulation of the 
Koala (from the same company who provide Khepera but much bigger), a 
wheeled robot (look here for a picture : We also made an 
implementation of the well-known Braitenberg Vehicles.

Is you code available online ? Maybe we could mix our approach in order 
to have a much complete simulation system ?

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