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Hi all,

I have been writing OO programs for 30 years.
I have not yet written a significant OO program that made me feel comfortable.
(I have not read a sigificant OO program that I could fully understand).

The essence of OO is that objects interact to achieve something
     and the action happens in the inter-object space.
Yet my languages (Simula, Smalltalk, Java)
     force me to focus on a single class/object at the time.
I have tried using role models/UML collaborations,
     but find I cannot keep model and code synchronized.

I want increased confidence in my programs.
I want my own and other people's programs to be more readable.
I want a new discipline of programming that augments my thought processes.
BabyUML is a coherent multi-language discipline
     for coding object interaction and objects/classes.

An overview has been posted:

Sorry, folks - it's long (10 pages).

The title may be a show stopper:
Towards A New Discipline of Programming


I have, of course, started building BabyUML an extension of Squeak,
but it does not appear to be a realistic task for a one-person team.
More about that when I see the response to this opener (if any).


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