Start with a short user story. ( e.g. kbd focus) (from refactoring morphic thread)

Bill Schwab BSchwab at
Mon Dec 18 23:22:54 UTC 2006


Not necessarily!  Aside from keyboard navigation, the focus might have
moved programmatically (I'm not _completely_ opposed to UI
innovations<g>).  Beyond that, it matters not why the user moved the
mouse; the point is that many users do not want the focus to follow it. 
Sometimes the user moves the mouse of "muscle memory" to get the cursor
out of the way of reading what is being typed; other times, the blasted
cable presses against the coffee cup and moves the mouse.  Punishing a
touch-typist for this kind of thing is not a ride up in the market.


Chris Muller wrote:

> Now, the biggest annoyance about morphic is that I
cannot use my
> >keyboard properly, e.g. I have to point my mouse to
an input box
> >before typing.

I never understand this.  To get initial focus you clicked that
so why move the mouse away?

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