DejaVu fonts with Freetype for 3.9 + (How to get write access to

gilrandir at gilrandir at
Wed Dec 20 13:37:38 UTC 2006

Thank you very much, i managed to download these files from my workplace (i still don't know the reason the server was inaccessible, maybe my isp).
It all works as it should, i can even use your precompiled VM, cause it seems to be a little modified and works ok with Genius mice (unlike any stock Squeak/Croquet win32 VM). If you can give me any guidelines to how to get the Unicode working, i could try to fix it myself (i have a complete set of the latest DejaVu fonts loaded and they behave as if there was only the basic character set - if i load them as TrueType, they look ugly, but the character set is complete).
Thank you for this great work once again :)

> Od: amtween at
> Komu: "Viktor Svub" <gilrandir at>
> Datum: 20.12.2006 13:20
> Předmět: Re: DejaVu fonts with Freetype for 3.9 + (How to get write access to
>> It would be sure very helpful to have your work available, but the
>> download doesn't seem to work for me (unable to resolve the server
>> sorry if i'm doing something wrong).
>Could you try again? It's definately there.
>If you still can't get at it, then I can always copy it somewhere else.
>Maybe I could put it on Does anyone know how I can get
>access to that?
>> Did you publish a VM patch (via VMMaker or a C diff against some svn
>> revision)..? I need to use a bit tweaked VM to get the mouse
>> scrollweheel working correctly (an one-liner, but still needs to
>> the whole VM).
>The required plugins are external (BitBlt.dll & FT2Plugin.dll), and will
>with any 3.8 Windows VM exe.
>The vmmaker package, and patches are in the zip.

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