Squeakland EToy projects as application delivery

goran at krampe.se goran at krampe.se
Wed Jan 11 06:27:19 UTC 2006

Hi Eric!

(replying mainly because you have gone unanswered so far)

Fournier Eric <emf at umn.edu> wrote:
> We are interested in using the Squeak web-based project delivery  
> scheme (used by squeakland.org to deliver the EToys projects to  
> Squeak running in a web browser), to deliver more complex  
> "applications" to clients who have installed "generic" images (& VMs  
> and plugins, etc).


> We have teased out some assumptions just by looking at the source of  
> the pages delivered by loading EToys projects (like, for example  
> http://www.squeakland.org/project.jsp?http://www.squeakland.org/ 
> fun_projects/proj_pe_mo/wallfollower/cs198-wallfollower-final.003.pr
> Is there a "How to" doc around that somebody could point me to, or  
> does somebody know how all the bits are wired together?

Mmmm, my best bet on the persons to ask is Michael Rueger and/or Bert
Freudenberg, but both are on this list so I guess they will answer in
due time. :)

Regarding how to do it - well, I haven't actually used it myself but
AFAIK it is pretty straight forward. First you of course need the plugin
for your browser installed. Then the image can be whichever image you
like. The code in the image that performs the actual load is (I am
pretty sure) the code in:


...well, it actually starts in:


And the web page is AFAIK just "as it looks". Not sure why Squeakland
uses .jsp.

regards, Göran

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