Fwd: Smalltalk opportunity

"Boris Gärtner" Boris.Gaertner at gmx.net
Fri Jan 13 13:08:53 UTC 2006

This message may interest German Smalltalkers.


> eXept (http://www.exept.de) has a job opening for a
> Smalltalker who is looking for long-term employment.
> eXept is the company behind Smalltalk/X. We, the
> eXept people, use Smalltalk/X as well as other Smalltalks
> for projects that are often closely related to technical systems.
> Currently we have an opening for an advanced project that
> we continue to develop and to maintain.
> The project is a technical application that is solved
> with VisualAge for Smalltalk and Windows. An ocx  component
> is also used. Platform independence is not an issue, but component
> integration is. Future requirements may include interoperability
> with C# or other .NET components.
> Requirements:
> * Interest in technical applications,
> * a basic knowledge of Smalltalk,
> * interest in interoperability issues.
> eXept is located in Boennigheim (http://www.boennigheim.de),
> a beautiful small town near Stuttgart.
> For further information, please look at http://www.exept.de
> and contact: info at exept.de

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