stéphane ducasse ducasse at
Thu Jan 19 19:49:47 UTC 2006

> Is the Refactoring Browser the one in SqueakMap?  On the web page
> it doesn't mention Squeak - just
> VisualWorks and VisualAge.  I tried the one from SqueakMap a few  
> months
> ago, and it failed (in some way I no longer remember) so I assumed it
> was in some beta state.

the one on squeakmap is a port of the code of John. The port was made  
by daniel
vainsencher and marcus denker if I'm correct.
Coming with the Refactoring Browser is SmallLint (the ui could be  
improve but
the rule engine is really good and can be extended at while). Again  
proposing a better UI
would be really great and would help to get the good tools that are  
available in squeak to shine.

A step in that direction is the new testrunner available in 3.9. It  
makes running the tests 10* faster
and has a much better interface than the old one.

It is working (but may have some glitches but using it and giving  
feedback is the best way
to make it better).

Now the UI is not that great and the recent goal of marcus has been  
to decouple the UI
from the engine and romain is working on introducing via services  
refactoring in the omnibrowser.

So our goal for 3.9 full is to have a good version of OB with RB  
integrated. Note that once
the refactorings will be described via services, any browser querying  
the services will be able to
get the refactorings.


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